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Hello and thanks for a smart calculator!!

I´m a new iPhone user and I did found PiCubed very smart and easy to use.

But I have a q about saving Custom Library on the PC by using iTune 9.

Tryed to save and then load om my 2 nd iPhone but when I started I found PiCubed emty Custom Library.

That was little scared becaus all my work with my own calculation will be lost!

Maybe I do some wrong but it´s hard to findout.


Brad Larson
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Sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to transfer equation libraries between devices. If you back up your device and restore on the new iPhone, all of your old data will be restored across, including your old equation library.

I'm working on a better means of exporting and importing your equation library, but I need to finish a couple of other updates to the application first. As you can tell, I've not had a lot of time lately to update the application because of my day job and an iPhone development class I'm teaching, but I hope to get to this soon.

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