September 2010

Pi Cubed icon

Version 2.01 of Pi Cubed is now on the App Store. The newly released version 2.0 had a bug where a specific type of equation was not being migrated properly to the new data model, leading to crashes on startup for some users when they upgraded. Thanks to David Kinney and the App Store review team's prioritizing of the bugfix review, I was able to push out this version fairly rapidly to deal with this issue. I apologize for the problems it caused and for somehow missing this during my extensive testing.

Pi Cubed icon

After an embarrassingly long time in development, version 2.0 of Pi Cubed is now on the App Store. The big new addition in this version is an iPad interface (free for paid users as part of a universal iPhone / iPad application), but this release also brings undo / redo throughout the application, a revamped user interface, and other tweaks.

Read on for more about this new version.

Amazon Web Services

A while ago, I wrote an article about the steps required to set up a web server that runs the Drupal content management system (like this site).  Enough has changed in the interim that I figured I'd revisit this article with more up-to-date information.  In particular, Amazon just introduced their micro instances, which offer you the ability to host a website for as little as $5 a month.

Read on for a step-by-step guide in setting up a micro instance for hosting Drupal.