July 2009

Pi Cubed icon

Hot on the heels of the Pi Cubed Lite release is the 1.11 version of the full Pi Cubed. This version fixes some bugs in the 1.1 version that were pointed out by users and in iTunes reviews. Additionally, this is the first version of Pi Cubed to require iPhone OS 3.0, because I've started to integrate some 3.0-specific features. As usual, the updated version can be found on the App Store.

Read on for more details on this update.

Pi Cubed icon

Since its April release, Pi Cubed has been well-received. However, it is difficult to sell users on the value of a $9.99 visual math tool in the App Store without any means for them to try it out. Well, I'm happy to announce that the free Pi Cubed Lite is now available on the App Store.

Read on for the differences between this and the full version of Pi Cubed.