June 2009

Pi Cubed icon

The good people at 148Apps.com have just posted a positive review of Pi Cubed. Honestly, using Emoji for a custom variable is not something that is part of my standard testing procedure.

Unfortunately, they did run into a couple of crashing bugs which I had not seen before, so I'll try to parse the crash logs and fix those issues. I'm also taking some of their user interface suggestions under advisement, and I'll see if I can incorporate improvements into the upcoming iPhone-OS-3.0-focused update.

Kindle DX Icon

While I was off at WWDC last week, my new toy arrived: the Kindle DX. The Kindle is an electronic book reader from Amazon.com that uses an E Ink display and has an always-on data connection via Sprint's cell phone network.

So far, I'm finding it to be an extremely useful device, with a screen that works very well for many types of documents, including scientific papers and technical manuals. The Whispernet data connection is really cool and provides a strong differentiator for this reader versus others on the market right now.

Read on for my take on the Kindle DX for scientific / engineering use, along with many photos.

Pi Cubed icon

Pi Cubed version 1.1 made it on the App Store today. This is a significant update, adding one of the major features that I had planned for the application: the ability to create your own custom equations and save those equations within your own equation library. It also adds support for plotting equations by handing them off to Grafly, if you have that application installed on your device.

Read on for more about the new features in this version.


We're coming up on Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) once again, and I'll be there like I was last year. I'm looking forward to meeting all the people I've been introduced to online since I launched my little software company last year.

One other exciting element to this year's WWDC is the fact that Apple is hosting a code-a-thon onsite for a new open source framework called Core Plot. I'll be one of the coordinators of this framework, so if you're there at the conference you can probably find me in the Core Plot room. I'll be the one with the red hair wearing a black Sunset Lake Software T-shirt.

Read on for more about Core Plot.