dropbox sync of pdb files

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Is three anyway you could set it up so pdb files can be imported through dropbox. This is a really easy way to get files onto the ipad and it would make importorting personal pdb files much easier.


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This would be very cool. Are pen files z matrices, or are they Cartesian?

WA Guy
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I like to use Molecules on both my iPad and my iPhone, but I don't like having to look up the molecules and add them to both. It would be nice if there was a way to use dropbox or another method to sync them automatically so if you add a molecule to one device, it automatically shows up in the other. Perhaps this could be accomplished using iCloud with iOS5.

Brad Larson
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I'm working on iCloud syncing for both of my applications right now. I can't promise when I'll have this working, but I'm trying to get this in Pi Cubed pretty soon, followed by Molecules.

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