creating my own formulas and saving them

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I would like
1) the ability to save a formula, of my creation, to MY FORMULAS in the equation library, instead of only to Recent calculations.
2) the ability to add Notes to a formula in the Libraries.
2) the ability to name a field as a variable and assign a name of my choosing to it, and create my own tool tip for the variable.
3) a menu option in the Equation Library to create New Formula, with only x = ? on the screen.

This is a wonderful way for lay people like me to invent the formulas for my particular uses and work on them over time, without having to go through spreadsheet jargon. Thank you, Tom

Brad Larson
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I'm working in this support right now for inclusion in version 1.1, with a couple builds out for beta testing. The variable entry and customizing interface will look something like the following:

and you will be able to name and file equations within your own custom categories in the database using an interface like this:

I hope to have this in for review soon.

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