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Version 2.01 of Pi Cubed is now on the App Store. The newly released version 2.0 had a bug where a specific type of equation was not being migrated properly to the new data model, leading to crashes on startup for some users when they upgraded. Thanks to David Kinney and the App Store review team's prioritizing of the bugfix review, I was able to push out this version fairly rapidly to deal with this issue. I apologize for the problems it caused and for somehow missing this during my extensive testing.


Hey, I was wondering if you can please add a way to do matrices, graph the equations, and solve for x, y or whatever it is to find what the value is. That would be awesome! Also, would you add a way to solve sedatives and integrals? Thanks!

[quote=Albert]Hey, I was wondering if you can please add a way to do matrices, graph the equations, and solve for x, y or whatever it is to find what the value is. That would be awesome! Also, would you add a way to solve derivatives and integrals? Thanks!

Derivatives and integrals are a longs ways out, because those will require support for true symbolic math. The application is built as a numerical calculator, and that's where I'm focusing my efforts.

Similarly, I have avoided adding graphing to the application because I didn't have good solutions for integrating that with the interface. I have been using Grafly as an external application to perform that graphing. However, I have some ideas about how to integrate plots within the application, so I may do some work on that.

Solving for a particular variable is a common request, so it's something I'm looking at now. I can't promise anything as far as availability for that feature, though.

Likewise, I'm evaluating ways of adding matrix math. Again, it's mostly interface issues that need to be resolved there.

I don't even NEED piCubed but I'm buying it because it looks cool. Also, I like your attitude and how you're sharing, especially the cool shaders intro on your blog.

So thanks!

Can I define variables (if yes how many) and use them in next equations?

Right now, defined variable are local to the current equation you're working on. I'm looking at chaining equations, based on popular request, but there currently is no way for the result of one equation to be applied to another.

User-defined constants will come along with the support for numerical units, but that's taking a little longer than I had anticipated.

Hi i like your app a lot but could you fix the powers because when you want to do for example 10^(-8) it gives a 0 instead of the correct number. That happens with powers that are less than -6. Thanks

Yes, that's a problem in the precision of one of the underlying math operations on iOS. I've put together my own implementation of this, which should eliminate these issues, and I'm testing it now. I've been a little slow with the updates, but I hope to have this one together within a reasonable amount of time.

I think this app is the best thing since sliced bread. I'm sure the programming that goes into something like pi cubed is quite daunting and takes nothing less than a genius to come up with. I have a request that I think would make the app better for its customers/users if it is possible. On the help and website links. Is there a way to only use the hyperlinks with safari? When I touch anything hyperlinked it makes a pop-up browser within the app pi cubed. This leaves out many safari features that users like me come to love.
Like on Angry Birds, for example, you click a link and it uses safari to open it. I like this because if I want to limit Internet use on any of my devices I can have safari turned off and it kills those links on angry birds as well.
I understand you must be busy so you don't have to reply, but just know that I will continue to recommend this app to all my colleagues. There is nothing out there that compares to this app. Thanks for taking the time to please others with your amazing talents.

Glad to hear that you like it.

I'm not sure what you're asking. The help documentation and its links are all self-contained within the application. Everything there ships inside of the application, so it doesn't need to call out to the outside world.

There are a few specific links that do take you to my website, etc. but those are all clearly marked and they do all manually open in Safari rather than within the application itself. I made sure to do this for users on low-bandwidth connections, as well as to make sure that I didn't run afoul of Apple's review guidelines because you could browse to any content on the Web (which they've since relaxed).

Could you point out a specific example of where the application loads an external website within the help browser instead of external Safari?

I would like a way to automatically publish in latex the
1. Title of the formula
2. A list of the variable descriptions values
3. The formula with the variable
4. The formula filled out with the variable values and result
5. The formula in text formatted as an excel formula.

Can you arrange for this kind of automated output?


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