Template-directed carbon nanotube network using self-organized Si nanocrystals

B. Yang, M. S. Marcus, D. G. Keppel, P. P. Zhang, Z. W. Li, B. J. Larson, D. E. Savage, J. M. Simmons, O. M. Castellini, M. A. Eriksson, and M. G. Lagally.
Applied Physics Letters 86, 263107 (2005).

We demonstrate a way to direct carbon nanotube growth using Si nanocrystals that are self-ordered
via the thermal decomposition of thin silicon-on-insulator substrates. The Si nanocrystals are about
90 nm wide and 100 – 150 nm tall, with 200 nm spacing. Nanotubes connect the silicon nanocrystals
to form a network. Nanotubes selectively appear between tops of the Si nanocrystals. We show that
the flow pattern of the carbon feedstock in the chemical vapor deposition growth process is
disturbed by the geometric effect of the Si nanocrystals, providing a mechanism for growth between
the tops of the Si nanocrystals.

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