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We opend the web site to present structures of molecules by the "Molecules".
English version
Japanese version
These sites contain more than 5,000 PDB format files of organic molecules. You can access the PDB files directly by a Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad. You must have the "Molecules" app on your iPhone or iPad, naturally. The geometries were obtained by approximate theoretical calculation such as molecular mechanics and semi-empirical molecular orbital calculation. All of the data is offered with no guarantee.

The Jmol version for PC and Mac is here.
Japanese and English version
These files may be saved locally and displayed outside of a browser with appropriate programs. A help file in English is under construction.

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I registered to this site just to say thanks akane! I'm a first year molecular biology student and studying organic chemistry and this will help immensely!

Bigger thanks to Brad ofcourse!

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