Not able to compile / run Molecules source for Universal App using SDK 3.2

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Am using XCode 3.2.2 (pre-release)

Version: 3.2 (10M2132)
Location: /Developer/XCode3.2

I have installed both 3.2 and older SDKs on different locations...

My errors are:
*** (repeating many times at different points in the source code)***
/Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeTableViewController.m:37:0 /Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeTableViewController.m:37: error: request for member 'contentSizeForViewInPopover' in something not a structure or union
/Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeAppDelegate.m:106:0 /Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeAppDelegate.m:106: warning: undeclared selector 'userInterfaceIdiom'

/Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeAppDelegate.m:108:0 /Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeAppDelegate.m:108: warning: 'UIDevice' may not respond to '-userInterfaceIdiom'

/Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeAppDelegate.m:108:0 /Users//Documents/Molecules/SLSMoleculeAppDelegate.m:108: error: 'UIUserInterfaceIdiomPad' undeclared (first use in this function)

do i need to upgrade or something?

Brad Larson
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You need to build the application to either target the 3.2 Simulator or 3.2 Device using the publicly available iPhone OS 3.2 SDK. I haven't tried it with the 4.0 beta SDK, but I'd imagine it would work there as well. It will not compile with anything earlier than 3.2, because of the symbols you indicate above.

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