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Is there any chance of a Mac version of this software. If not, is there any similar software for mac?

Brad Larson
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Sorry for the late response. Yes, I'm working on a Mac port of the application, but I've been a little busy lately (as you can see by the lack of major application updates within the last few months). I also need to settle on a feature set for the desktop version. Right now, I can see it being able to load and display PDB (and other format) files, as well as manage them in an iTunes-style library. I'd also like to be able to synchronize groups of molecules between the desktop and the iPhone application.

I don't really know when I'd have this ready, because I've fallen far behind on my other applications.

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Hi Brad,
First of all, congratulations for this great project, it is amazing and really useful for teaching! (and open source!)
I'm sure that the Mac version will be a great utility so I'm looking forward to see how well it works!

I have spent some weeks trying to port some of the code to OS X on my own but I haven't made much progress since I don't have much experience with the OpenGL framework. However, here I am if you need some help on other areas, I would be really pleased to help.

Congratulations again and happy coding!

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