iPad version in development?

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Ever since the iPad announcement my head has been buzzing with the possibilities of a Pi Cubed type app on the larger display. With that much real estate you could really do amazing things! Any plans?

Brad Larson
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Of course. I've been planning out a larger interface for the better part of a year, figuring that something like this would eventually come along. There are some significant capabilities that I've been holding back on, due to the interface limitations of the iPhone.

Unfortunately, I need to finish up the update I've been working on for the last few months first, and I need to get an actual iPad in my hands before I'd feel comfortable about releasing an iPad version.

I'm as excited as you are about the potential for this device. It's been my goal to make you feel like you are living in a science fiction movie when using these applications, and the iPad certainly helps push us in that direction.

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I was thinking about developing a software like yours on iPad. The fact is that the one you did on iPhone is very interesting and accomplished, and maybe I can help you somehow for the iPad version.

You can contact me by mail if you mind.

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