iPad Molecules Display

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This is a great app for teaching. It would be even better if I could switch from powerpoint on my computer to the iPad app using a simple switching device such as the flip dvi. This would require vga display support for the app.

Brad Larson
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I have some temporary code in there to do this, but have not been able to make the OpenGL ES graphics display on the external screen yet. However, I worked with some Apple engineers on this at WWDC and may have come up with a way to make this work. If so, I might be able to get an update out with this capability soon.

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I am a college biology teacher and would like to be able to project this on an external screen. Thanks.

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Please incorporate video output capability so this AMAZING app can be used to teach high school honors Biology! ASAP Please!! We use a projector, SmartBoard and iPhone 4 w/ iOS 5. Thanks a million. I would even pay for that capability.

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Using an iPad 2 with iOS 5 will display molecules to an external VGA projector provided that you connect the iPad to the VGA adapter with an app running that supports mirroring. I think this worked with iOS 4.

For example, I use Keynote and the iPad mirrors the 'desktop' on using the home button plus a number of apps including molecules.

I hope this helps.


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