How does one solve for a variable?

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I cannot see an obvious way to solve for a variable. In the example I am looking at, there is a variable (x) on both sides of the equation. When I attempt to create the equation, I do not see a way that the variable is solved. I think the problem is entering the right side of the equal sign. It does not seem to accept the same input as the left side (the bar on the bottom does not appear with the numbers and such, just a box with a subscript box.

If there is a tutorial where I can learn this, please send me there, else please help me with what may be an obvious question.

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Unfortunately, this isn't a capability of the application at present. I'm working on a numerical solver for arbitrary variables, but there are a few other additions I need to make first.

This is a popular request, though, so I will try to integrate it sooner rather than later.

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