Hi Brad, Can you PLEASE, Please make this available for WebOS (PalmPre)?

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Hi Brad,
I just found your site because a friend in a genchem class had this app on his Iphone and it looks awesome. He told me where to find this but I have a Palm Pre Plus and I was hoping that the same app would be available. Do you have any plans for releasing it for webOS or any other OS?
Thank you!!

Brad Larson
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Unfortunately, I'm a Cocoa programmer and I have no real desire to work on another platform, so I most likely will never port my applications to WebOS or Android. Even if the market was there (and with WebOS it most decidedly is not), these applications are enabled by core Cocoa frameworks and would take far longer to rewrite on another platform than they did for me to assemble originally. I'd much rather use that time to update the iPhone / iPad applications (which I've fallen far behind on lately).

However, if someone was sufficiently motivated, they could use the source code I make available for Molecules as a basis for a WebOS port. The OpenGL code should be reasonably cross-platform (I believe WebOS just added support for OpenGL ES recently).

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