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I love this app, but... I know this app is aimed at a specific group, but is there a way to find simpler molecules? i.e. Water, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia etc. rather than macromolecules. As a biochemical engineering student I can definitely appreciate the time and effort taken to produce these complex macromolecules, but Having access to simpler molecules could be integral to seeing how those simple molecules function in the macromolecules.
Thank you for your consideration.

Are there any "simple molecules" databases to download from?

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Adding small molecule database support is one of the new features I have planned for the next couple of versions. I just need to settle on which databases to use and then implement the various file formats needed. Also, I'll be tweaking the rendering to provide better quality views of these small molecules (more faces on the spheres, etc.).

I'm just a little behind schedule with my other application, so that's taken priority lately.


Brad Larson wrote:
As far as the inertia-based rotation, I think what you're looking for is if you flick the display you want the molecule to spin for a short duration after the flick, with the degree of rotation determined by the speed of the flick. This would be similar to the scrolling effect of the lists on the iPhone. Right now, rotation is determined by the instantaneous differences in position of your finger as it moves across the screen. To implement this suggestion, I'd need to differentiate between a slow and fast moving gesture, as well as one that stops before the finger is picked up or one where the finger leaves the surface as it is still moving. Then, I'd need to add a timing routine that moves the molecule at a set rotational velocity determined by the flick speed, and decelerating for a set period of time. This timing routine would need to be interruptible in case you wanted to stop the rotation before it was finished and move it a different direction.

I need this. Exactly this. For another model/app in development.

Appreciate tips and points toward this direction. Or... if anyone would like to develop this behavior for me, give a holler.

steve at madmadmad dot com

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