Double Bonds

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Fantastic app, i'm already thinking it will be incredibly useful for A level chemistry which I am taking. I unfortunately agree with another forum that it would be great to have bond length angles and even as far as electron density but I can understand that it may be difficult to do, you could even have a pro (preferably still free!) version?
My main point of posting is the lack of double bonds where they are applicable. For a seasoned chemist noticing that a hydrocarbon is missing a hydrogen and bond clearly signals a double bond but in the interest of making the app even more informative to novices, I think including double bonds would help you very much, I hope you agree,
Once again very good app and happy whether you consider my suggestion or not.

Brad Larson
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Yes, adding visualization of double and triple bonds is next up for the application, because I recognize the need for those in dealing with small molecules.

However, I'm going to be refocusing on Pi Cubed for a while, because I neglected it for too long with my work on Molecules, so I'm not sure when I'll get around to updating this next.

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