Complex Numbers & Functions

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This app is already proving to be very useful as a quick and easy numerical approximation tool. Here are my feature requests:

- Matrices. I know these have already been mentioned, but their value would be incredible. (dot and cross product vector operations would also be nice).

- Complex numbers. If matrices are included, then complex number calculations could be parsed to 2x2 matrix calculations fairly easily.

- User definable functions and constants. For example, I write e:=m->cos(2*Pi/m)+I*sin(2*Pi/m) at the top of every Maple worksheet. It'd be great to be able to define it as a function in pi cubed so that I don't have to include the whole equation every time. I mention constants at the same time because these could be functions "without variables".

- Global variables. These would be useful say when evaluating a function f(x) for particular values of x.

If these are implemented then pi cubed will be my most used mathematical application, and Maple will drop much further down the list.

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Complex numbers.

Joel's suggestions are spot on, if a bit daunting.

I would rate support for complex numbers as essential.

The rest would be very nice but not essential.

Please add complex number support ASAP!

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