Bond lengths, bond angles, torsional angles

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Maybe this would be asking too much from an iPad app (or maybe I should only mess around with my crystal structures on an actual computer), but as a chemist, it's really helpful to be able to select and view bond lengths, bond angles, and torsional angles from crystal structures. Is there any way that could be done? Even if it weren't possible, this app is fantastic!

Brad Larson
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I'm glad that you like the application, despite its simplicity.

What you're asking for won't strain the hardware at all, computationally (I do far more difficult processing just in the display of the structures). The trick is implementing an interface for it that doesn't clutter the screen of the mobile device and can be driven entirely by touch. I've tried to keep the display simple, focus on the viewer capabilities of the application, and polish those as best as I can. If I could find a clean way of doing this within the application, I'd contemplate adding it.

Honestly, I do this entirely as a hobby project, so my goals are to learn new techniques (OpenGL ES 2.0, networking, etc.) and have fun doing so. I tend to work on the features that I find fun to implement, which may not always be the ones that most people want. I may, however, start work relatively soon on a project that would bring many of the features of a package like Cn3D to the iPad, but that depends on some outside elements falling into place.

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