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Great application,
When I first installed Pi Cubed I added a number of everyday equations I use. It’s been a while since I did this and now I am unable to (remember how to) make a variable repeat itself for example in the formula z + (z x 100) = x. I have formulas in my custom library that when you add a value for one of the z's the other is filled. I think I did this before by giving the variable the symbol i.e. "z" but for the life of me I can't seem to do this from a new formula. So I have used an existing one and edited and deleted until I have what I need.

Regards Dave

Brad Larson
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You should be able to insert a custom variable anywhere through selecting a variable from the "x" menu by selecting the "x" menu item. You can then edit this variable by tapping on it and tapping the edit button on the right of the popup that appears. The label, subset, and description for a variable can be entered here.

There is a slight glitch in the current version where a new variable with a blank subscript label will not interact properly with other variables of the same name (if you enter a number in for it, the other variables that match it won't change to reflect this new value). This can be worked around by entering something in the subscript, tapping to another field, and then clearing out the subscript field. I'm working on a fix for this for the next update.

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