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Chicago hosted a satellite location for iPadDevCamp this weekend, and I had just as much fun as the iPhoneDevCamp I attended there two years ago. I had the privilege of speaking about Core Animation there, a talk where I crammed too much information into a one-hour space. My Keynote presentation is available for download here. The source code for the sample applications I showed off, NanoSpores for iPad and ReplicatorDemo for iPad, is also available for download.

I had also referenced my Advanced iPhone Application Development class for MATC. The final course notes for that are available for download here in VoodooPad format. UPDATE (6/29/2010): The final video for my class on Core Animation can now be found as part of my class on iTunes U.

Thanks for organizing the event go to David Kinney, who pulled the entire thing together despite having a busted MacBook Pro. He proved that the iPad really can be a work device. It was also extremely generous of TechNexus to allow us to use their very nice facilities for the weekend.


I downloaded your Keynote presentation, but all I see are the support files (jpg, mov, png), I don't see the presentation file. What should I be looking for?

And many thanks for making available the source for Molecules. Very cool, and well written and documented...


Are you using Keynote '09? I just tested and it downloaded fine for me. It even worked on my iPad. The Keynote '09 format is a single zipped file containing the presentation information and resources, so something may be extracting that automatically on your system, rather than letting Keynote handle it by itself.

Glad you like Molecules, but I still think its code is a bit of a mess. I keep meaning to clean it up, but I have other things that always draw me away.

Don't know what's going on here. When I open the folder, there is no .key file. Just downloaded the keynote09 trial, no different. And I shared the files to my iPad, and can't open there either. What's really weird is that spotlight sees the .key file in the zip, but it's not there when I unzip?

Don't know what's happening...

That's the problem. It's not a folder, it's the Keynote file. You might need to disable the option to automatically open files upon download, because somehow your system is treating the Keynote file as a Zip archive and unzipping it. The presentation is the .key file itself. Try right-clicking on the file and manually downloading it that way.

Thanks Brad. I renamed the file from .zip to .key and all worked fine.

Can you post links to other videos from class before they are iTunes, saw the core animation lecture and wanted to check out some other ones.

Unfortunately, probably not. This was a quick edit I only did in preparation for my talk at the iPadDevCamp. Hopefully, the videos will not take too long to get on iTunes U.

My friend you are a genius...good looking app....

This is what the future is about as far as rethinking knowledge and mathematics. Now we can hold these things in our hands and manipulate them in real time in an intuitive visual format.

I hope there is much more to come from this....

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