Madison, WI chapter of CocoaHeads

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Based on local interest, my coworker, Pete Johnson, has started a chapter of CocoaHeads to be based in Madison, WI. I'll be helping out as a speaker and organizer for the group.

Our first meeting will be on February 12th at 6:30 PM on the UW-Madison campus. We'll be in the Computer Sciences Building, room CS 1240. More details can be found here.

I'll be leading a discussion on creating and installing your first iPhone application, based on my experience with Molecules. I'll also talk about what I've learned from dealing with the App Store. We will open up the floor to general topics, and anyone's free to propose a topic or present something. I expect that the first few meetings will be pretty heavily iPhone-centered, as that's the hot topic right now.

Because this is the first meeting, we're not sure what kind of turnout to expect. An Apple-hosted iPhone development meeting held two weeks ago on the UW campus drew ~55 attendees. I've also been in contact with a number of people looking to get started with Mac and iPhone development.

I'm looking forward to meeting with other local developers. I've been working on things by myself for a while now, and it will be nice to have others to bounce ideas off of in person.

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