Contact us

Pi Cubed is a product of Sunset Lake Software LLC, a one-man software company operated by Dr. Brad Larson. I run the company out of Madison, WI, USA, and can be reached through my website or via email.


For more up-to-date information on Pi Cubed, stop by the main product page at
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You'll find links to related news posts there, along with other support in­form­ation.


If you have any specific questions or sug­gest­ions, please visit the forums at
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where you can participate in discussions with other users. Your questions may have already been answered there by me or someone else. Additionally, I listen to all suggestions submitted by users there when shaping future updates.


Like all the rest of the cool kids, I'm on Twitter as @bradlarson.
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I mostly discuss Mac and iPhone development, as well as scientific and engineering work, but I also give early updates on new features in Pi Cubed.


Finally, I can answer questions about Pi Cubed, take in bug reports, and gather feature requests via email at
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