Molecules 1.4.1 now on the App Store

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A new version of Molecules is now available on the App Store, and the available source code has also been updated.  The new version fixes a potential crash in iPhone OS 4.0 and adds a new means of directly installing molecular structures in the application.

On the iPad (and soon the iPhone), you can now drag and drop molecular structures into (and out of) Molecules using iTunes.  When your device is connected, you can go to the Apps tab and scroll down until the File Sharing section is visible.  Within that section, click on Molecules to display all currently loaded molecular structure files.  To add a new structure, simply drag it into the list of files.  On the next startup of Molecules, it will be parsed and added to the application's internal database.


Great app! As science teachers all we need now is to have your app and The Elements app output from the iPad to a VGA monitor! That would be awesome!


Do you have a more in depth guide on how to download more molecules? The 3 that were provided are fascinating, but I'm hungry for more. And I'm finding it a bit hard to navigate the provided Protein Data Bank.

think i have discovered a little c&p programmation error in the SLSMoleculeGLViewController.m

- (CGPoint)commonDirectionOfTouches:(NSSet *)touches

you are averaging the first finger movement range with itself

// The movement ranges are averaged out 
	commonDirection.x = ((directionOfTouch1.x + directionOfTouch1.x) / 2.0f) * scalingForMovement;
	commonDirection.y = ((directionOfTouch1.y + directionOfTouch1.y) / 2.0f) * scalingForMovement;

Thanks. I'll take a look at that.


Thanks for allowing us to view your source code. I was looking actually to see how you implemented your UINavigationController in the master view of the UIScrollviewController because in ios 4.2 we found an issue with our implementation whereby in landscape the detail view no longer displays.

I've noticed that this also an issue in your source code example.

Are you aware of this problem ? And if so did you find a solution?

We having been struggling desperately to fix this in our application and now think we might have to completely revise the way we navigate our view hierarchy. Essentially what we want is to have a master detail view. when the user clicks an item in the detail view, the detail view is pushed onto the master uinavigationcontroller and a new view is pushed onto the detail uinavigationcontrller

Any help or ides would be extremely well recevied.


I'm not quite sure what you're saying. I don't have a UIScrollView anywhere in this application, to my knowledge.

Also, the rendering glitch you see when rotating the iPad to landscape in the 4.2 Simulator is due to a bug in the way that the Simulator handles non-factor-of-32 OpenGL ES layers. This has all been fixed in the version I'm working on now, but none of that has to do with the navigation controller.

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